Network Expert Software Systems, Inc.

Network Expert Software Systems, Inc.
110 East Shore Ave
Groton, CT 06340
Tel: (860) 620-7735

Founded 1994, Network Expert Software Systems, Inc., (NESS), Inc. has been designing, developing, deploying, and supporting network operations systems solutions for major telecommunications companies. These systems provide easy access to network data and corporate information for hundreds of users every day. Our applications range from critical 911 network monitoring to discovering alternate routes for fiber facilities.

With our understanding of your support systems environment, we can bring together the power of today's computing technology with the vast reservoir of corporate data locked up in legacy systems.

If you believe there is a better way to provide your people with the necessary tools to maximize their productivity, and thereby increase network reliability and reduce customer pain, give us a chance to show you what we can do.


We listen. We believe our customer knows their business. Our job is making them successful. We fix problems fast. We are visible.


We don't research a potential project to death. We ensure a portion of the deliverables are available early on, and then forge ahead.

Cost EffectiveNESS

NESS resources are readily available and are focused on your project during its lifecycle. We can often complete projects in the time that it would take our competitors to understand what you want - saving you money.