Network Expert Software Systems, Inc. has announced it signed a Statement of Work contract with ICG Telecom Group, Inc., of Englewood, CO, to upgrade the company’s E911 monitoring software. The cost-effective upgrade will enhance I CG’s ability to troubleshoot E911 network glitches and provide its local phone service customers with superior 911 assistance. NESS, Inc. will install its ICG Reliability Platform (IRP) 2.0, an upgraded version of an E911 monitoring system developed for ICG in 1998. The new system will afford ICG the ability to monitor additional 5E switches and 911 trunks within the company’s ever-expanding trunk groups. David B. Staub, president of NESS, Inc., said the customized software system increases the visibility of existing E911 data, organizes it and then supplements it with other essential information. This reduces the time it takes to respond to outages within the network, Staub said. “Having a great 911 network is a competitive edge for local telephone companies,” Staub said. “Since ICG offers local phone service, they need to ensure the availability of 911 service and they must have good utilities to monitor their 911 network for customers. This contract shows the level of commitment they have to making their system the best it can be.” Network Expert Software Systems, Inc. designs, installs and supports customized software solutions for the operating systems of major telecommunications companies. NESS, Inc.’s browser-based operating support systems (OSS) improve a teleco’s response time to network glitches affecting 911 service, therefore reducing the number of incidents reported to the FCC.