Our Call Irregularity Patterning System (CIPS) is a browser-based operation support system which monitors the health of the public switched telephone network and reports when a pattern of trouble appears. The patented processing algorithms in CIPS are capable of analyzing vast amounts of network data, and allow users easy access to the switch message logs, technical documentation, and other details that need to be at one's fingertips when a problem is occurring.

The CIPS system continuously looks for patterns in the network data for such things as:

  • Repeated appearances of the same telephone number, SS7 point code, trunk group number, switch name, and more.

  • Abnormal counts of the repeated appearances mentioned above within a given period of interest
    (time of day, day of week).
  • CIPS also reports on LNP troubles, Manual Action Asserts, Focused Overloads, Mass Calling, unusual levels of Ineffective Machine Attempts (IMAs), and much more.

    From our clients perspective, they are now alerted to translations errors, terminating office problems, and a wide variety of other things that may cause calls to fail, as soon as the calls start to fail. Before using this system some of these problems were virtually undetectable until anywhere from a few hundred to several thousand calls were lost.

    Sample NESS Call Irregularity Patterning Graphics

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