This application provides rapid access to a vast amount of spare and alternate route information. When a major transport facility outage occurs, users can get a report of where 3 types of spares (T3, SONET, Dark Fiber) exist between the effected equipment locations, as well as several nearby (or VIA) offices. The spare data is then analyzed for completeness as an End to End alternate route.

Transport Element Software Tracker
An opennet-based utility that allows the user to perform ad hoc reports on the software levels (primary and backup) deployed in all transport network elements across the network. Supports Fujitsu SONET and Alcatel Lightspan and more.

An opennet-based utility that provides reports of pending transport system build-outs due in the immediate future. The reports are based on trunk inventory via terminal emulation. This simple application saves dozens of man-hours every day by providing a quick glance at data that would otherwise take hours to compile.

A web-based utility that retrieves and analyzes the circuits that are provisioned on a SONET Ring. The SONET SCID report provides the list of circuit ids with their drop and add info. This report highlights any of these circuits which may not be diverse due to a "fold" in the ring. (i.e., their service and protect paths are in the same sheath at any point in the ring.)

Cross-states SS7 Link Layout Utility
A web-based utility that follows a SS7 Link across multiple trunk inventory mainframes and retrieves the circuit layout information.

Sample NESS Transport Assurance Utilities Graphics

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